We never could’ve predicted that 1983’s Endgame would abandon its titular premise 20 minutes in, but we’re very glad it did. We venture outside the city on a mutant smuggling, with blind, murderous priests, Mad Max gangs, questionable vocal performances, and a new, brutal take on the medieval stockade. This one’s a blast. 

This week we’re talking 1983’s Endgame, a movie that takes a dash of The Running Man, a pinch of The Warriors, and a sprinkle of KISS makeup and mixes them all up to create a post-apocalyptic action stew. Best served with an accompaniment of Life Plus. 

We had our April Fools’ Day fun but now it’s time to get back to business. This mini episode not only sets up our newest dumb theme month, we also reveal some exciting news and unveil some changes to our Patreon! This mini episode is more like a maxi episode if you ask us! 

We close out our coverage of Night of the Dribbler, one of the worst dumb comedies we’ve ever seen. Seriously, who is this movie for? We talk more Fred Travalena (he’s the worst), more bad jokes (and one pretty decent joke), and why Beckula isn’t a vampire in the movie. Also, turn that stereo down! 

We close out March Madness this week with Night of the Dribbler, a movie that so desperately wants to be funny but is clearly going to be a slog. In our discussion of the first 10 minutes, we talk decapitated heads, The Claw, and Fred Travalena. We also take a stroll through the film’s IMDb keywords section and discover all sorts of treasures. 

Part 2 drops Thursday!

We’re dribbling through March Madness Month! On this week’s mini, we reveal the title of next’s week film and workshop a beautiful, devastating documentary about a man peeing off an overpass.