Predict-O-Cast is based on the idea (as discussed in Alex Epstein’s Crafty Screenwriting) that the first 10 minutes of a movie sets the tone and lets audiences know what to expect from the rest of the film. The hosts of Predict-O-Cast decided to push their powers of prediction to the limit and try to determine what happens in films after only seeing the first 10 minutes of movies they know nothing about. Sometimes they’ll hit the nail on the head, sometimes they’ll miss the mark completely, but regardless, they’re sure to have some fun along the way.


Josh is a film and comedy lover, graphic designer, and bad joke teller living in Los Angeles. He’s previously hosted some other podcasts you might know, including A Talking Cast!?! (featured on the AV Club) and The Cast Next Door, and has designed podcast cover art for Can We Just Be Friends?, On Your Mark, Get Set, Review, Kill By Kill, Talkin’ ‘Bout Turtle, The Loose Canon, Stage of Fools, I’ve Made a Huge Mistake, and The Revisionists. He occasionally updates when he remembers. In his spare time, he’s a big doofus.

Skinner is just a straight up brute. He spent most of his life wandering the Earth, searching for treasures, but all he found was a microphone, Sean Spicer’s Netflix password, and the secret to cold fusion, which he will take to his grave. He also co-hosts podcast Can We Just Be Friends? and has appeared on Talkin’ ‘Bout Turtle and Deep in Bear Country.

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