Christmas in July rolls on as we reveal next week’s film. Hint: It’s gonna get smoky. Also, we thank our Patreon supporters and bestow upon them special gifts. 

It’s Christmas in July! This month we’re embracing the holiday season six months early. 

We wrap up our discussion of Single Santa Seeks Mrs. Claus, breaking down Nick’s magic powers and the lame ways he uses them, how this movie just doesn’t under video games at all, and how Beth is still really holding a grudge against Santa for not bringing her dad back from the dead. 

It’s Christmas in July! This month we’re embracing the holiday season six months early. 

On this episode we start our discussion of the 2004 TV movie Single Santa Seeks Mrs. Claus, which features Steve Guttenberg as Santa’s deadbeat son, Crystal Bernard as a woman who might really hold a grudge, and a jazzy-as-hell soundtrack. 

Part 2 drops Thursday. 

On this exciting mini episode, we unveil plans for some past Patreon content as well as reveal the next theme month we’ll tackle in July (hint: get your stockings hung). 

We close out our month of volleyball movies with an enthusiastic conversation on the conclusion of Kill Shot (or P.C.H., as it was originally titled). We do our best to unravel the variety of plots happening within this TV pilot-turned-film, including a guy who might be Mike Tyson’s son, an on-the-run model/former heroine addict hosting a radio show called Morning Injection, and an annoying person who just wants to find a roommate. We also discuss what this series would’ve looked like if it’d had been picked up. This one’s a doozy. 

We’re back on the beach with another volleyball movie: Kill Shot! In this maybe-made-for-TV-film, we meet so many characters, including an annoying girl, a crappy guy, and others! So far, no real volleyball (except on TV), but we have a good feeling that this movie is gonna end with volleyball. Probably. 

Part 2 releases this Thursday.