This month we’re celebrating our Patreon supporters with Maytreon: a month where Patrons pick the movies we’re covering. 

On today’s mini episode, we reveal the movie selected by Patreon support Andrew Walker, talk about what’s worse than Hell, and discuss Proctor & Gamble’s Satanic connections. We also talk about flowers! 

Avengers April comes to a close as we finish up our discussion of 2017’s Unicorn Store. We discuss what sort of specifically-tailored store would appeal to us, we pitch our own ad campaigns for a vacuum cleaner, and we talk about what it means to grow up. 

We enter into the final week of Avengers April with Unicorn Store, the directorial debut from lead actor Brie Larson. We discuss the overall whimsical tone of the film, wonder if unicorns have been banned by the president, and lament the fact that Samuel L. Jackson never starred in a teen comedy. 

Part 2 drops Thursday! 

Avengers April rolls on with a new mini episode where we reveal our next film with a tangential Avengers Endgame connection — and this one has a much stronger connection than our last film. We also speculate on the origin of unicorns and thank our Patreon supporters by giving them all fantastic superpowers. 

We never could’ve predicted that 1983’s Endgame would abandon its titular premise 20 minutes in, but we’re very glad it did. We venture outside the city on a mutant smuggling, with blind, murderous priests, Mad Max gangs, questionable vocal performances, and a new, brutal take on the medieval stockade. This one’s a blast. 

This week we’re talking 1983’s Endgame, a movie that takes a dash of The Running Man, a pinch of The Warriors, and a sprinkle of KISS makeup and mixes them all up to create a post-apocalyptic action stew. Best served with an accompaniment of Life Plus. 

We had our April Fools’ Day fun but now it’s time to get back to business. This mini episode not only sets up our newest dumb theme month, we also reveal some exciting news and unveil some changes to our Patreon! This mini episode is more like a maxi episode if you ask us!