Hollywood Josh and Skinner are back to discuss this year’s Oscar nominees and predict the winners. But they’re doing things a little differently this time: each is making their own set of predictions! Whose prediction powers are stronger? Who do you support? Use #predictocastoscarspecial2018teamjosh on social media to support Hollywood Josh or use #predictocastoscarspecial2018teamskinner to support Skinner. And tune in to the 90th Annual Academy Awards this Sunday to see who got the most predictions correct (or just look up the winners on Monday morning).

See our predictions below!

It’s Oscar Season, and we’ve come down with a bad case of Oscar Fever! Join us in this super-sized special edition of Predict-O-Cast where we discuss every Oscar category and predict every Oscar winner — with 100 percent accuracy!* We’ve included our picks in a handy chart below, so you can refer to them during Sunday’s ceremony and tweet congratulatory messages at us as it’s proven over and over that we are correct. If you’d like to play along, head over to the Oscar Challenge website and make your own picks — see if you can match us with 100 percent accuracy!

*accuracy unverifiable at the time of this posting