In this mini episode, we launch our Summer of Summer series, wherein we will only watch films with “summer” in the title all summer long! In preparation for next week’s film, we wonder what might lead people to engage in underground fight clubs and to wear the skin of their enemies. We also introduce a brand new character who’s going to set the summer on fire: Beach Cop Joe Summerman!

In this mini episode, we lay out the special month that lies ahead: our good friend Felipe Sobreiro (@therealsobreirbo on twitter) is programming an entire month of episodes! Listen in to hear what movies he has in store for us. It’s sure to be a rollicking, wild ride.

In this mini episode, we reveal next week’s film, talk about the special guest who will join us, and wonder whether the aging action start at the film’s front will be grumpy or not (probably grumpy). We also ask the most important question of all: will the dog talk?

We’re back, baby! In our first mini episode of Season 2, we lay out what’s in store for the new season, including a slightly altered format, a new release schedule, and new bonus shows! Plus we reveal the film we’ll be talking about on next week’s full episode and discuss sentient weapons, whether the film might be a porno, and hobo librarians.

In this mini episode, former guest Christy Admiraal (@AdmiralChristy on twitter) returns to provide us a movie we’ll watch next week. Will it be something we’ll love (maybe, given its title), or something we’ll loathe?