Rue McClanahan March marches on! In this week’s mini episode, we lay out what we expect from next week’s Baby of the Bride, including multiple marriages, and Margaret giving birth to a full grown child (possibly Ted Danson as Becker from TV’s Becker). 

We kick off our new, extremely questionable theme month by revealing our next film and talking a lot about Tom Selleck and robots (things that we will not remember talking about on next week’s full episode).

In the last mini episode of our Summer of Summer series, we reveal our final film and wonder if we’ll finally get some time on the beach, just like the late, great Beach Cop Joe Summerman would want.

On this week’s mini episode, we try to get things back on track after last week’s comedy-allergic film. We also talk a lot about feet and Skinner coins several of the grossest phrases Josh has ever heard.