As part of Larry Cohen Month, we’re unlocking our Patreon episode on the Larry Cohen-directed Eric Roberts-starring The Ambulance. This movie is an absolute blast! Things we love: James Earl Jones’s simmering hatred of Eric Roberts. Red Buttons’s over-the-top newspaperman. Stan Lee as himself. Random street toughs. Bulletproof ambulance. Seriously, this movie is everything we wanted.

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On today’s episode, we finally unravel the mystery at the center of Deadly Illusion, and folks… it makes no sense at all. It’s one of the most unnecessarily convoluted plots in cinema history, but honestly it doesn’t matter because there’s a scythe fight, a helicopter opening fire on a posh restaurant, and two men fighting inside a Christmas tree. Plus Billy Dee Williams strutting around in a blazer with no shirt. This movie gave us a thrill like so few do. This one is a real dumb gem.

We kick off Larry Cohen Month by bringing along Billy Dee Williams to explore a Deadly Illusion. Hamberger (don’t make fun of his name, okay?) is a crack-shot private investigator who is hired to kill a man’s wife. Since things aren’t always as they seem in a Larry Cohen movie, what’s really going on? Do the rich folks live on Plum Island? Will they solve the JFK Assassination in this movie? Will Hamberger deflect a killing blow with a head of lettuce. We’ll know for sure in Part 2 on Thursday.