We’re back with Kip Reed to talk about the rest of this baffling movie, which sort of explains why this episode is perhaps our most rambling and ramshackle to date. This movie just makes no damn sense, you guys. We talk obvious Mexican-American Jason Mamoa, crazed John Goodman, confusing plot lines, the film’s incredibly racist undertones, and the fascinating productions of Voltage Pictures.

Bruno Alert! We welcome internet friend (and Skinner’s former cohost) Kip Reed to help us discuss the first 10 minutes of this baffling Bruce Willis action comedy that is ostensibly about a why one should never mess with a man’s dog, yet no dog appears at all in the first 10 minutes. We also discuss the production company logos, whether or not John Goodman will voice a dog, and how many times Jason Mamoa will say “My man!”

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