In this episode of Hot Diggity Dog, Josh and Skinner hit the randomizer and are treated to a film with bad facial hair, Ex-Lax-filled cupcakes, a man who is basically made of cardboard, insanely good fortune for a family who absolutely doesn’t need it, a hamster-thief, and a pepper grown by Satan himself.

Happy Independence Day, America! Also, you’re on notice for being really terrible lately. As a way to better understand American history and the significance of July 4th, we watched the absolutely-drowning-in-dog-puns children’s educational short Pups of Liberty: The Dog-claration of Independence. We spend most of our time discussing puns and then try to figure out how to dogify other American political scandals/travesties.

The first episode of our side project about the wild world of dog movies floating around Amazon Prime and Netflix is here! In this episode, we discuss Doggie B, a perplexing film about the world of competitive dog dancing. This film is capital-w Wacky, with characters who look related to those in Ron Howard’s traumatizing live-action Grinch movie. Also there are dog steroids, a car covered in markers, and a giant floating disco dog head. This movie has it all.