In this clip from our Patreon-exclusive episode on the Brian Bosworth biker gang action classic Stone Cold, we discuss the racist biker gang’s plan and how even if they are successful (they are), they’ll be dead by the end of the day (they are). 

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We bid a fond farewell to Dr. Peyton Westlake in our final discussion of Darkman and his various misadventures. Darkman III is perhaps the craziest film of the trilogy and features so many things that are absolutely ludicrous but so incredibly fun to watch on screen, including Jeff Fahey’s over-the-top performance, Darkman outrunning a rocket, and the most abrupt ending credits in screen history. It’s been a fun ride but it’s time to go, Darkman. 

This month, we’re tackling the entire Darkman trilogy, plus some other fun things along the way. Join us for DarkMay! 

It’s the beginning of the end of DarkMay as we discuss the first 10 minutes of the final Darkman movie and get something we’ve always wanted: Darkman impersonating a bad guy immediately. We also get a gnarly decapitation and a very specific quantifying of Darkman’s strength… which may be important later on. We also get Jeff Fahey, and who doesn’t love Jeff Fahey?

Part 2 drops Thursday as we say farewell to Darkman forever.

We close out our coverage of Police Assassins by laughing a lot, just like our favorite new character, Mr. Tin. We also discuss how this film pulls a fast one and makes the main characters three goofballs and not Michelle Yeoh and Cynthia Rothrock like we were led to believe. There is some good martial arts though, and some excellent, excellent laughing by Tin. Laugh with us, won’t you?

We’re back with our reactions to The Killing Man and hoo boy did we not expect it to go in the direction it did. We get our hero beating up lots of random guys, having lots of sex, and being extremely dour, but still polite enough to ask if he can smoke around his love interest. We also get some VERY problematic material that we weren’t expecting in this white guy karate movie (this movie DOES NOT look kindly on gay people at all). We also get a pretty great one-liner from Michael Ironside and some ridiculous fart rock.

We’re back with Kip Reed to talk about the rest of this baffling movie, which sort of explains why this episode is perhaps our most rambling and ramshackle to date. This movie just makes no damn sense, you guys. We talk obvious Mexican-American Jason Mamoa, crazed John Goodman, confusing plot lines, the film’s incredibly racist undertones, and the fascinating productions of Voltage Pictures.

Bruno Alert! We welcome internet friend (and Skinner’s former cohost) Kip Reed to help us discuss the first 10 minutes of this baffling Bruce Willis action comedy that is ostensibly about a why one should never mess with a man’s dog, yet no dog appears at all in the first 10 minutes. We also discuss the production company logos, whether or not John Goodman will voice a dog, and how many times Jason Mamoa will say “My man!”

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