In our first foray into international cinema, we absolutely cannot stop talking about finger phones in The Avenging Fist. Wanna know what that is? Well, you have to listen (but it’s probably exactly what you’re thinking)! We also explore the history behind this film, and look at how it was originally supposed to be an adaptation of a video game but the filmmakers forgot to get the rights. But seriously, it’s all about the finger phone. Ring-ring-ring. “Hello?” “It’s Predict-O-Cast.”

In our longest episode yet, we trudge through the 2014 action-comedy Stretch, starring Patrick Wilson, Jessica Alba, an occasionally green Ed Helms and Chris Pine in Charles Manson cosplay. We predict so many things in this film, including the identity of the mysterious Jovi (you’ll never guess who it is!). Additionally, we discuss how much a person can be bleeding before a diner in L.A. refuses them service.


It’s Oscar Season, and we’ve come down with a bad case of Oscar Fever! Join us in this super-sized special edition of Predict-O-Cast where we discuss every Oscar category and predict every Oscar winner — with 100 percent accuracy!* We’ve included our picks in a handy chart below, so you can refer to them during Sunday’s ceremony and tweet congratulatory messages at us as it’s proven over and over that we are correct. If you’d like to play along, head over to the Oscar Challenge website and make your own picks — see if you can match us with 100 percent accuracy!

*accuracy unverifiable at the time of this posting