On this bonus episode, we sit down to talk all sorts of Darkman ephemera. First up, we discuss the failed 1992 TV pilot that would’ve taken the Darkman universe to the small screen, with a very posh Darkman who may or may not have genitals. Then, we talk three different Darkman video game adaptations, how incredibly difficult they are, and how funny it is seeing an 8-bit Darkman shed a single tear. 

This month, we’re tackling the entire Darkman trilogy, plus some other fun things along the way. Join us for DarkMay! 

We kick off DarkMay with the one that started it all: 1990’s Darkman. Since we know this movie pretty well, we dispense with the predictions and dive right in… only to find out we both forgot how this movie starts. Across 2+ hours, we break down nearly ever aspect of the film and wonder why this whole thing boils down to some building permits and NOT Peyton’s skin tech. Also, Peyton is very bad at keeping track of the time. Darkman is a little sloppy, a little shaggy, but great to talk about.

We close out Eric Roberts Month with a bang (pun intended) with the conclusion to the sleazetastic Power 98. We welcome Phil Gonzales to the show to discuss how this movie desperately wants to be transgressive and provocative but completely undercuts itself every step of the way by robbing every bit of tension available. Also: is that Larry Drake?

This week marks the close of Eric Robert’s Month, but before we go, we’re rolling around in more sleaze with Power 98. Eric Roberts does his best watered-down Howard Stern in a movie with the wildest opening five minutes we’ve watched in quite some time. You seriously won’t believe where it goes. 

Part 2 drops Thursday and you know we’re bringing along a guest with us. 

We close out Stalked By My Doctor: The Return with special guests — and major Stalkder fans — Sammi C & Christy Admiraal! We discuss fake blood tests, if Grant is a better name for a teenage boy than Garth, ladder death-induced-vertigo, special pancakes, and oxytocin. It’s a wild ride and you owe us one, big time! *wink* 

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