This week’s episode finds us checking back in with our good friend Don “The Dragon” Wilson as he finds out that once you’re a cop, you’re always a cop in “Redemption”! So much to discuss in this movie, from the most nervous cop ever and distracting cleavage, to awkward stairwell kissing and the worst hiding place imaginable for money. Also, did you know you’re not allowed to have a child if you live in an apartment? 

On this week’s mini episode, we’re keeping our feet in the action world with a movie starring one of our favorites, Don “The Dragon” Wilson. We talk about Cynthia Rothrock erasure and dive into the keywords to discover that a lot of gun-nuts frequent IMDb. 

Our episode on 2002’s Redemption drops next Monday! 

We’re kicking off the month with the “best martial arts to ever hit Bulgaria” in 2000’s City of Fear starring Gary Daniels (an actor with two first names) as Steve Roberts (a character with two first names). Did Bulgaria actually pay for this movie? Why did they bury Charlie on the side of the road? Who all is in on this convoluted plot? And why don’t early 2000s movies understand how computers work? All this and more is explored on this action-packed episode!  

On this week’s mini episode, we have questions about Bulgaria, what sort of action we might see at a zoo, and we wonder whether our hero will have to hide his accent. 

Our episode on 2000’s City of Fear drops next Monday! 

This week’s film — 1984’s Fear City — is a perfect example of judging a film by its poster. It looked like it was gonna rule and it DID! We get everything you’d want from a movie like this: sleazy 80s NYC, a slasher who does karate and fancies himself a writer, tons of nudity, a mistaken identity-fueled kitchen brawl, a character with not one but two tragic backstories, and a completely ineffective, racist cop played by Billy Dee Williams. This is a special one.

On this week’s mini episode, we’re enamored with a film poster, talk about karate, and wonder if a horse controls the streets of New York at night.

Our full episode on 1984’s Fear City drops next Monday!

This week on the show, we’re headed into bottom-of-the-barrel low-budget action territory with Razor Sharpe! This is a vanity project of the highest order, showcasing our hero Justin Sharpe’s amazing ability to catch arrows, ride jet skis, and wear shirts with no sleeves and blown-out neck holes. There’s also lots of dick talk, characters changing clothes between cuts, and fights in inappropriate places, including a cemetery and the courtyard of a business office park. This one is a treat.

This week, we’re heading to the Space Ren Fair of the future to talk 1998’s failed TV pilot The Osiris Chronicles! Directed by Joe Dante with none of the flair he brought to bigger budget work, this wannabe Star Trek stars John Corbett as the very futuristically-named Justin Thorpe, a man trying to rescue his kidnapped sister. We also meet many characters far more interesting than him, including goopy aliens, super cool psychic friends, and old Republicans. What more could you want from a movie?

On this week’s mini episode, we talk oddly specific IMDb keywords, vampire Billy Ray Cyrus, and wonder if there really is a new war on the horizon.  

Our full episode on 1998’s The Osiris Chronicles/Warlord: Battle for the Galaxy drops next Monday!