We’re back to finally hang up The Telephone and rip it right out of the wall and throw it out the window. This is truly one of the most perplexing movies we’ve ever covered and as such, this isn’t a usual episode of our show. Why? Well, it’s not all that funny. We spend most of the episode just sort of puzzling out HOW and WHY this is a thing that exists. We discuss the making and distribution of the movie and how it would’ve been a failure even if Whoopi had stuck to the script. We even propose ways it could be better (and even those aren’t very good). It’s a spirited discussion and we hope you enjoy. We’ll try to be funnier next time. 

This week on the show we’re answering the call and talking about little-known Whoopi Goldberg oddity The Telephone. We get Whoopi dressed like she’s attending Hogwarts (complete with tiny owl!) and her almost killing a goldfish for no reason. Not too much happens in these first 10 minutes, which sets up the possibility of a really dire rest of the film. We’ll find out either way in Part 2 dropping on Thursday! 

We do what you’d normally expect from a mini episode, setting up the next film we’ll be talking about on the show, but first we want to make it explicitly clear where we stand on everything that is happening around the country right now: Black Lives Matter. We stand with the protestors against police violence against Black men, women, and children. 

Links below on places that could use whatever you’re able to give: 

ActBlue has set up a site where your donation can be split among several organizations: https://secure.actblue.com/donate/bail_funds_george_floyd

George Floyd Memorial Funds (here and here)
Northstar Health Collective (here)
The Brooklyn Community Bail Fund (here)

Paper Magazine has a ton of places that could use your donations here: https://www.papermag.com/where-to-donate-protests-minneapolis-2646128317.html?




We bid a fond farewell to Dr. Peyton Westlake in our final discussion of Darkman and his various misadventures. Darkman III is perhaps the craziest film of the trilogy and features so many things that are absolutely ludicrous but so incredibly fun to watch on screen, including Jeff Fahey’s over-the-top performance, Darkman outrunning a rocket, and the most abrupt ending credits in screen history. It’s been a fun ride but it’s time to go, Darkman. 

This month, we’re tackling the entire Darkman trilogy, plus some other fun things along the way. Join us for DarkMay! 

It’s the beginning of the end of DarkMay as we discuss the first 10 minutes of the final Darkman movie and get something we’ve always wanted: Darkman impersonating a bad guy immediately. We also get a gnarly decapitation and a very specific quantifying of Darkman’s strength… which may be important later on. We also get Jeff Fahey, and who doesn’t love Jeff Fahey?

Part 2 drops Thursday as we say farewell to Darkman forever.

This month, we’re tackling the entire Darkman trilogy, plus some other fun things along the way. Join us for DarkMay! 

Robert G. Durant has returned… and he’s got a laser gun? We’re discussing Darkman II: The Return of Durant, a movie that embraces the comic book nature of the concept, except that it keeps Darkman from disguising himself like any of the bad guys until an hour in. We also talk about how many backup plans Darkman must’ve had, lament the way they treated reporter Jill, and wonder why they chose to end the Darkman/Durant feud the way they did.

This month, we’re tackling the entire Darkman trilogy, plus some other fun things along the way. Join us for DarkMay! 

We’re back to our standard format to discuss the return of the franchise’s true villain: Robert G. Durant! But we also have to set up new Darkman Arnold Vosloo, who arrives on the scene with a resounding “Huh?” Still, there’s lots to enjoy, from car explosions, to flying manhole covers, to a cop eating a sandwich at a crime scene. Can’t wait to see how Darkman stops Robert G. Durant!

Part 2 drops Thursday.