We wrap up over coverage on 1989’s The Horror Show with a massive episode about an utterly ridiculous movie. Every scene has something insane about it, including bubbling skin, monstrous turkeys, and chili scams. Seriously, this movie is blissfully goofy and everyone needs to watch it this Halloween season. 

We’re diving headlong into the Halloween season with the first film of the month: The Horror Show (also known as House III). We’re joined by Lyft driver (and cohost of Talkin’ Bout Turtle) Andrew to discuss the first 10 minutes of the film and explore the haunted AMD Theatre (the D is for Dracula). We also spend a lot of time ogling Lance Henriksen (who can blame us?), thinking about why cats do what they do, and comparing the grisly crime scene to a Home Improvement Halloween episode. 

#Sharktember swims on with 1999’s Shark Attack, starring show favorite Casper Van Dien! Question: if a boat has a sign reading Law & Order, what is the likelihood that the boat’s owners aren’t actually interested in Law & Order? Also, why is Hollywood so bad at depicting the internet? And: what are the chances that Casper Van Dien might engage in some white saviourism in this small African town? The only way to find out the answers to these questions and more is to listen to this episode, and Part 2 of our discussion, dropping Thursday.