We’re headed to the battlefield this week as we discuss 2016’s Pumpkin Pie Wars with guest Sammi C! Lots to chew on here, including sensual whisking, teeth pies, and dads hanging out in darkness. Plus, just how sinister is Betty, and why are these people in their mid-30s acting like they’ve never dated anyone before? So head on down to O’Malley’s and crack open a cold one. You’re about to be in Pie Heaven.

Hear more of Sammi (and friend of the show Beau North) on their podcast Excessively Diverted

We’re kicking off the Thanksgiving season with this week’s new mini episode, where we make predictions our next flavorful film, reveal our special guest, and try desperately to figure out what those orange sacks are behind the stars.

Our full episode on 2016’s Pumpkin Pie Wars drops next Monday!

As the month ends, we’re heading to hell to meet up with our old buddy Pinhead in Hellraiser: Deader. This isn’t as fun as Hellraiser: Hellworld, but there’s still plenty here to talk about. We’ve got an intrepid reporter who really commits to her writing, a goth rave train that doesn’t make any logical sense, and a cult leader who might as well be the frontman of a 90s alt rock band. Also, the Lament Configuration remains too easy to solve.

Happy Halloween!

We’re wrapping up the spookiest month with a bunch of chains and hooks as we meet up with the Cenobites for another trip into the Hellraiser series. 

Our episode on 2005’s Hellraiser: Deader drops this Thursday!

This week, occupants of our long-dead Patreon never-before-heard are emerging from their graves to curdle your blood and chill your bones.

It’s not yet Halloween but we’re already thinking about Thanksgiving with a chat on the holiday-themed slasher Blood Rage, an absolutely goofy film with questionable fashion, arguments with telephone operators, and loads of murder. Oh, and in case you were wondering, no, “that’s not cranberry sauce!”

This episode was originally released November 26, 2020.

This week, occupants of our long-dead Patreon never-before-heard are emerging from their graves to curdle your blood and chill your bones.

On today’s special bonus episode, we’re discussing the Disney classic (?) Mr. Boogedy, which is more a TV series pilot than a movie. We talk about that, the sequel, Kristy Swanson’s bizarre relationship with Alan Thicke, and we connect the dots between Lucifer Falls and our favorite spooky town: Eerie, Indiana.

This episode was originally released May 30, 2020.

On this special installment of Center of Weirdness, we’re talking about the OTHER big kids horror show of the 90s: Goosebumps! In this episode, we’re learning that Piano Lessons Can Be Murder, and discussing mean ghosts, disembodied hands, and obsessive robots.

On the first of two Center of Weirdness special episodes this week, we’re talking top creepy kids show Are You Afraid of the Dark?, specifically the Nosferatu-in-a-theater episode “The Tale of the Midnight Madness.” We’re also discussing recurring character Dr. Vink (who is not a nut bag) and his OTHER, filthier films. Plus, we spend a good chunk of time talking about Variety’s slanguage.

Another Goosebump-inducing Center of Weirdness drops Thursday!

Spooky Season is here and we’re heading back to school with guest Gena Radcliffe of the Kill By Kill podcast to discuss 2009’s Jennifer’s Body. We talk about the film’s unwarranted critical drubbing, the ahead-of-its-time sexual politics, and dumb high school kids. 

Listen to Gena on Kill By Kill


We’re kicking off the spooky season on today’s mini episode, throwing out predictions on what might be the biggest movie we’ve ever covered. We talk about sexism, make some bold predictions using the IMDb keywords, and issue an apology to Rileys around the world. 

Our episode on 2009’s Jennifer’s Body (with a special guest!) drops next Monday!