For the next entry in our Creepy Carnival Halloween series, we’re tackling 1970’s (we think) Carnival of Blood. What the hell is up with those bizarre title cards? How long has this couple been arguing? Will the killer almost certainly turn out to be who we immediately suspect? Is Side-Eye Jesus the best deity?

We’re back with another mini episode where we reveal the next film we’ll be covering in our Creepy Carnival month. We discuss the best ways to integrate blood into carnival rides, retired military members in bathtubs, undead aquatic animals, and the possibility that we might get a crazed clown in this movie (fingers crossed!)

We close out our coverage of Funland with an episode that’s longer than it should be, but there’s just so much to say about this movie. There are so many things this movie could’ve done to be at the very least coherent and it goes out of its way to do the opposite. There are parental abuse jokes, racist jokes, sexist reverse psychology jokes, and so much more. And Skinner reveals something shocking to Josh — and no we’re not talking about Peter Pepperoni.



We kick off the scariest month of the year with the first entry in our Creepy Carnivals series: 1987’s Funland. We might’ve whiffed this one, since it sure doesn’t seem like this is a horror film. Seems more like a comedy, what with the barrage of terrible dick jokes we get. Thank goodness we get a pretty rockin’ opening track to save us from certain death. Only time will tell whether this actually turns into the horror show we desire or is in fact the groan-inducing dark comedy that it seems to be.

It’s still September, but we’re getting into the spooky season a little early by revealing the first film in our creepy carnival theme month. We also discuss deviled eggs. Will it be fun? Will it be scary? Will we die of fright? There’s only one way to find out!

We close out Selleck septembR with the rest of our discussion on Ramblin’ Man, a movie that is enamored of its country music guest stars and expects us to not recognize Morgan Fairchild if she puts on a dark wig and glasses. Topics of discussion include the durability of police station entryways, the field of view of sex cams, and the beauty of Scooby-Doo chase sequences.

We begin our final film of Selleck septembR with this made-for-TV (or made-from-TV) movie Ramblin’ Man! We’ve got a charming Tom Selleck, a braggadocios Jerry Reed, crooked country cops, attempted murder, and a chase sequence complete with a slow-moving train. We also talk A LOT about Ray Stevens’ discography.

We keep chugging along with Selleck CeptembR (that’ll make sense eventually, unless it doesn’t) and talk about music, robots, brothers-separated-at-birth, and develop a new, mostly horrifying concept: boot babies.

We close out our discussion of Runaway with an incredibly long episode! We have so much to say about this incredible movie that a regular episode length couldn’t contain it all. We talk extensively about Gene Simmons’ sneer, Tom Selleck’s robot wife, acid spider robots, magic robot bullets, and what a Runaway film series would look like. This is a good one, friends.