We’re putting Predict-O-Cast on pause (paws?) this month to bring you a series of special holiday Hot Diggity Dog episodes featuring some of our favorite past guests.

This week, Kip Reed (@Keep_Rad) joins us to discuss the only occasionally Christmasy film A Doggone Christmas. When a group of precocious kids find an escaped dog with psychic abilities, they must work to keep the dog out of the clutches of evil government forces (mostly a woman in a leather catsuit). There’s an unseen wishing well, Principal Dirty Larry, absolutely boiling sexual chemistry between Mom and Dad, and a little boy named Lunchmeat. All this, and Josh learns who Dude Perfect is.

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It’s December and the holiday season is here (hope everyone’s holidays are going well so far). We’re changing things up this month and throwing the predictions out the window. Hot Diggity Dog is taking over and we’re bringing in some previous guests to help us out. Listen in to find out what films we’re covering and who’s joining us. We’re also excited to announce we now have a Patreon. If you’ve ever wanted to financially support the show and get some fun exclusive content, this is for you. We break down all the reward tiers and talk about the fun things we have planned for our Patreon contributors. Get more information over at patreon.com/predictocast.

We close out Month of Thanks with an extra long discussion of Amityville: The Evil Escapes. We’re not entirely sure this movie about an evil lamp killing people makes any sense. Why does this evil lamp constantly cover up its crimes, as if people are going to find a dead body and immediately suspect the lamp? Why is Grandma such a jerk? How is Danny’s hand not mangled hamburger meat? And what if the cat is also secretly a demon?

We begin to wrap up Month of Thanks by talking about our 50th film, the 1989 TV movie sequel Amityville: The Evil Escapes. This recommendation comes to us from our great friend Felipe Sobreiro, a man who knows this show maybe even better than we do. We are beyond delighted with the monstrously ugly haunted lamp, predicting the various ways it will interact with our characters, from befriending them to trying to kill them to trying to have sex with them. And stick around until the end of the episode for a special treat: a supercut of Josh trying and failing to remember the name of the store where this haunted lamp would’ve been sold.

Hot Diggity Dog is officially Cool Diggity Dog as we discuss the coolest dog movie ever: 2010’s Cool Dog. This dog is absolutely the coolest dog we’ve ever seen: he outwits a bumbling dog catcher, he foils some bullies with a well-placed tennis ball launcher, he plays harmonica with a bunch of boxcar hoboes, he DRIVES A CAR. This dog seriously is the coolest dog. Also, Josh faces a startling truth about himself.

We’re back to wrap up our discussion of 1986’s insanely unpredictable Vicious Lips. So much happens, including crash landing on a desert planet, running from a woman murdering man-beast, and encountering a horde of cannibal mutants. Also, all of that might not actually happen and might just be a dream. We are very confused in this episode. Listen as we try to make sense of it all. Thanks again to Raymond for the recommendation!

Month of Thanks rolls on with Vicious Lips, a 1986 movie about a Misfits-esque band (think Jem and the Holograms, not Danzig) trying to attain super galactic stardom. There is so much happening in the first 10 minutes that we no doubt missed a lot. But we still caught a lot too: space wolf men, space women with three space breasts (a full four years before Total Recall!), weird Dr. Suess-esque space cigars, and a woman inexplicably named Judy Jetson. We have a feeling we’re in for a wild ride, so strap in! Thanks to listener Raymond Smith for the recommendation.

If we told you Iron Thunder has a man drowning in his own blood, a person crushed under an exploding helicopter, and another man pulling a weird circuitry squid out of his brain, you’d be forgiven for thinking it’s a great movie. Unfortunately Iron Thunder is also almost 2 hours long so there’s a LOT of filler (like the villain monologuing, a pointless sequence involving a desert militia, and a baffling sex scene that happens during a dangerous mission). Join us as we try to make any of this interesting as we wrap up our discussion on Iron Thunder. Thanks (?) to High and Low: A Kurosawa Podcast for the recommendation.

For the first film in our Month of Thanks series, we’re tackling the future-war-is-hell action drama Iron Thunder. A man is seemingly bound with a future tank in a movie that is somehow almost two hours long. So many things we love in the first ten minutes of this movie: bad computer graphics, bad miniatures, and a terrible guy being called out on his casual sexual harassment. We also do something unprecedented in the history of the show!