On today’s leap-tastic episode, we’re talking about the rest of 2010’s Leap Year!

There’s a lot to discuss in this romantic comedy, including how hot and bothered Amy Adams gets watching Matthew Goode beat up guys, the weird old couples demanding to watch people kiss, and how they could’ve made the story better with one small tweak. Plus, was Amy Adams really considering jumping off that cliff at the end?

We’re celebrating Leap Year with the most obvious pick ever: 2010’s Amy Adams romantic comedy Leap Year! 

How amazing is it that we guessed that this movie is going to Ireland? Are all heart surgeons obsessed with puns? Is there a more late 2000s job than apartment stager? And how did the filmmakers manage to make Amy Adams so unlikeable? 

Part 2 drops Thursday! 

The 2020 Academy Awards are this Sunday, and Josh and Skinner are back to pick the winners. Will Joker dance down the stairs to victory? Will The Irishman de-age the hearts of the stubborn voters who don’t like what Netflix is doing to “cinema”? Will 1917 take home best editing, despite being filmed in a single take? No clue! Anyway, enjoy the episode! 

We’re back! Season 4 of Predict-O-Cast starts now, with a mini episode where we reveal the first movie we’ll be discussing next week. We lean into the fact that 2020 is a leap year by making the most obvious choice possible. 


On the first episode of Center of Weirdness: An Eerie, Indiana Podcast, Josh and Skinner move into the town of Eerie and discuss their memories of the show, why this seemed like the perfect program to recap, and discuss the series premiere “Forever Ware.”

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