#Sharktember swims on with 1999’s Shark Attack, starring show favorite Casper Van Dien! Question: if a boat has a sign reading Law & Order, what is the likelihood that the boat’s owners aren’t actually interested in Law & Order? Also, why is Hollywood so bad at depicting the internet? And: what are the chances that Casper Van Dien might engage in some white saviourism in this small African town? The only way to find out the answers to these questions and more is to listen to this episode, and Part 2 of our discussion, dropping Thursday.  

On this week’s Mini Episode, we jump back into the water and let the randomizer drop another shark movie right on top of us. We also thank our Patreon supporters by determining how they’d die in a shark movie! 

We kick off Sharktember in fine form with 2005’s SharkMan (or is it called Hammerhead?). William Forsythe purses his lips a lot, Jeffrey Combs is suitably weird, and we see some women in science tubes. Lots to talk about in the first 10 minutes of this one. Oh, and there’s also a shark-man of some kind! 

Part 2 drops Thursday. 

In today’s mini episode, we set sail on an ocean of blood as we launch Sharktember! All September long, we’re talking about the sea’s sharp-toothed scoundrel: the shark! We lay out our plans and then leave things to chance as we take the randomizer for a spin and let it decide our fates! 

It’s August so we’re heading back to school with a month of school-centric movies. 

We’re back to finish out School Spirit and boy do we not like this movie. Along the way, we talk about how invisibility works, this movie’s absolute cop-out of an ending, and whether or not ghosts can get humans pregnant.