On the last day of 2021, it’s the last mini episode of the year — and forever! That’s right: we’re changing the show next year and if you want to know how WEIRD things are going to get, you’ll have to listen to this episode! Happy New Year! 

We’ll see you in 2022. 

For this Christmas week episode, we’re joined by our Pin Pal Megan Sunday to discuss 1997’s Borrowed Hearts, a movie that just loves committing HR violations. Along the way we talk about Angel Long Cons, whether little girls care how their parents met, and the potentially kinky sex games between Roma Downey and Eric McCormack. It’s a heartwarming tale for the whole family.

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On this special holiday bonus episode of Center of Weirdness, we talk about the 1992 TV Christmas special thing Noel, the most depressing 23 animated minutes you’re likely to find. We’re talking death, secret Jesus, and asshole ornaments. We certainly don’t have a happiness after this one.

Thanks to John McCoy of Sophomore Lit for sharing his memories on Noel and how he’s basically responsible for this whole thing still living on. Check out his podcast at theincomparable.com/sophomorelit/

We’re gearing up for another TV movie holiday classic (?) by talking about angels, Eric McCormack’s luscious locks, and forgotten cop show Hat Squad! 

Our episode on 1997’s Borrowed Hearts drops next Monday! 

This week on the show we’re joined by writer/amateur aerialist Laura Fortier to discuss a movie from her childhood an a perfect way to start the holiday season: 1986’s TV movie version of Babes in Toyland starring Drew Barrymore and Keanu Reeves. Along the way, we talk Cincinnati songs, old theme parks, and how Toyland is basically M. Night Shyamalan’s The Village. Sing along with us now: P-R-E-D-I-C-T-O-C-A-S-T!

You can find out more about Laura at her website laurafortier.com/ and see her aerial videos on Instagram (instagram.com/fortier.laura/)

On this week’s mini episode, we’re gearing up for the Christmas season by looking through Drew Barrymore’s filmography, wondering how popular Keanu Reeves was in Germany in the 1980s, and trying to figure out what a slimehouse is.

Our episode on 1986’s Babes in Toyland drops next Monday!

This Thanksgiving week, we’re joined by good friends Beau North and Jody Skinner to talk all about A Family Thanksgiving! We talk about the gender-swapped Family Man plot, but get distracted,  discussing the director’s other credits, urinal flies, and Faye Dunaway’s hat. Happy Thanksgiving!  

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On this week’s mini episode, we’re prepping for Thanksgiving and making bold predictions about how often Faye Dunaway is wearing hats in the film we’re covering next week. Also, is this movie a Christian film or not?

Our episode on 2010’s A Family Thanksgiving drops next Monday!