On this week’s mini episode, we have questions about Bulgaria, what sort of action we might see at a zoo, and we wonder whether our hero will have to hide his accent. 

Our episode on 2000’s City of Fear drops next Monday! 

This week’s film — 1984’s Fear City — is a perfect example of judging a film by its poster. It looked like it was gonna rule and it DID! We get everything you’d want from a movie like this: sleazy 80s NYC, a slasher who does karate and fancies himself a writer, tons of nudity, a mistaken identity-fueled kitchen brawl, a character with not one but two tragic backstories, and a completely ineffective, racist cop played by Billy Dee Williams. This is a special one.

On this week’s mini episode, we’re enamored with a film poster, talk about karate, and wonder if a horse controls the streets of New York at night.

Our full episode on 1984’s Fear City drops next Monday!

This week on the show, we’re headed into bottom-of-the-barrel low-budget action territory with Razor Sharpe! This is a vanity project of the highest order, showcasing our hero Justin Sharpe’s amazing ability to catch arrows, ride jet skis, and wear shirts with no sleeves and blown-out neck holes. There’s also lots of dick talk, characters changing clothes between cuts, and fights in inappropriate places, including a cemetery and the courtyard of a business office park. This one is a treat.