This week, we’re heading to the Space Ren Fair of the future to talk 1998’s failed TV pilot The Osiris Chronicles! Directed by Joe Dante with none of the flair he brought to bigger budget work, this wannabe Star Trek stars John Corbett as the very futuristically-named Justin Thorpe, a man trying to rescue his kidnapped sister. We also meet many characters far more interesting than him, including goopy aliens, super cool psychic friends, and old Republicans. What more could you want from a movie?

On this week’s mini episode, we talk oddly specific IMDb keywords, vampire Billy Ray Cyrus, and wonder if there really is a new war on the horizon.  

Our full episode on 1998’s The Osiris Chronicles/Warlord: Battle for the Galaxy drops next Monday! 


Our first official episode of season 5 is here! This week we’re discussing 1997’s T.N.T., a movie wherein Olivier Gruner gives up his life as a mercenary for Eric Roberts and builds a new life with a fake identity, friends, a girlfriend, and a successful business all in less than a year. But before discussing all that, we spend the first couple minutes talking about the show 18 Wheels of Justice for some reason. We also cannot remember Randy Travis’s daughter’s name to save our lives. We’re back baby!

Our long national nightmare is over: Predict-O-Cast is back for Season 5! On this mini episode, we go over the new format for this season, talk about Eric Roberts and Randy Travis, and play a game with some IMDb keywords.

Our full episode on 1997’s T.N.T drops next Monday!