We’re back to finish up our discussion Baby of the Bride and the continuing misadventures of the Becker/Hix clan. Turns out our wild prediction about Margaret being pregnant wasn’t so wild after all. We get a far more restrained, serious movie than Children of the Bride but it provides plenty of standout moments for Rue McClanahan, which is why we’re all here anyway. 

Rue McClanahan March continues on with Baby of the Bride! Not much happens in these first 10 minutes except Margaret and John boning down (in a made-for-TV appropriate way), and Anne gets a ticket. We’re pretty sure Margaret is totally pregnant and not just sick from bad Mexican food and we bet that Anne is gonna hook up with that creepy cop Nick. Find out if we’re right on Part 2, dropping Thursday.

Rue McClanahan March marches on! In this week’s mini episode, we lay out what we expect from next week’s Baby of the Bride, including multiple marriages, and Margaret giving birth to a full grown child (possibly Ted Danson as Becker from TV’s Becker). 

We wrap up the first installment in Rue McClanahan March with the rest of our discussion on Children of the Bride. This movie is simultaneously one of the most maudlin and wackiest movies we’ve ever watched. The siblings bond over helping one of their brothers have sex with a married woman, and Rue McClanahan uppercuts a guy. Plus, we take a very long time to talk about washing machine sex and prove just how vanilla we really are. 

On today’s episode, we discuss the first 10 minutes of Children of the Bride, the first film of Rue McClanahan March! Good for this movie for letting Rue McClanahan be with a younger man! How does Dennis seduce that married woman while wearing that baggy-ass suit? Could the lady on the bus be any more of a jerk? And are you thirsty for some Shasta SODA? 

Part 2 drops Thursday! 

On today’s mini episode, we kick off a brand new theme month that Skinner is thrilled about, we talk sequels to classic sitcoms, and we get truly filthy.