We’re back on the beach with another volleyball movie: Kill Shot! In this maybe-made-for-TV-film, we meet so many characters, including an annoying girl, a crappy guy, and others! So far, no real volleyball (except on TV), but we have a good feeling that this movie is gonna end with volleyball. Probably. 

Part 2 releases this Thursday. 

We wrap up our discussion on Side Out by talking about how cool Zack Barnes is, how the bad guys from this movie are straight out of a video game (for real), and we speculate what happens to these characters after the credits roll. 

We’re kicking off the summer season with a movie that apparently has something to do with beach volleyball (if the cover art and title is to be believed). So far, though, we’ve only gotten a bland white dude, an eccentric white dude, and a not-yet-dead Bernie Lomax. But beach volleyball is certainly coming… probably. 

Part 2 drops Thursday.