We kick off our new, extremely questionable theme month by revealing our next film and talking a lot about Tom Selleck and robots (things that we will not remember talking about on next week’s full episode).

We close out our Summer of Summer series with the second half of our discussion on 1988’s Aloha Summer. In part 1, we predicted samurai swords, maybe ninjas, and maybe ghosts. We don’t quite get everything we expected, but there is more death than there ever should be in this coming-of-age story. We also get grumpy dads, lots of surfing, and an airport that solves all of our characters’ problems.

In the last mini episode of our Summer of Summer series, we reveal our final film and wonder if we’ll finally get some time on the beach, just like the late, great Beach Cop Joe Summerman would want.

We’re back with our discussion of the second half of Hot Summer in Barefoot County and oofa-doofa, we really wish this film didn’t have so much fun depicting sexual assault. This movie is a rough watch and that’s why we recommend NOT watching it. But you SHOULD listen to our episode on it as we have a good time dunking on all these terrible characters, especially our “hero” Jeff Wilson. And we posit a scenario in which Barefoot County is a spout of ancient evil.


We drink an entire bottle of moonshine and head down south as we kick off the final month of our Summer of Summer series with 1974’s bootlegging comedy Hot Summer in Barefoot County. Marvel at Josh’s authentic* Southern accent, shock at Skinner attempting to say “Blackbeard Bull Tatum” seven times fast, and witness a terrifying visit from the future. Also, it can’t be stated strongly or often enough: do not watch Hot Summer in Barefoot County.

In this episode of Hot Diggity Dog, Josh and Skinner hit the randomizer and are treated to a film with bad facial hair, Ex-Lax-filled cupcakes, a man who is basically made of cardboard, insanely good fortune for a family who absolutely doesn’t need it, a hamster-thief, and a pepper grown by Satan himself.