In this mini episode, we lay out the special month that lies ahead: our good friend Felipe Sobreiro (@therealsobreirbo on twitter) is programming an entire month of episodes! Listen in to hear what movies he has in store for us. It’s sure to be a rollicking, wild ride.

We’re back with our reactions to The Killing Man and hoo boy did we not expect it to go in the direction it did. We get our hero beating up lots of random guys, having lots of sex, and being extremely dour, but still polite enough to ask if he can smoke around his love interest. We also get some VERY problematic material that we weren’t expecting in this white guy karate movie (this movie DOES NOT look kindly on gay people at all). We also get a pretty great one-liner from Michael Ironside and some ridiculous fart rock.

We’re back with Kip Reed to talk about the rest of this baffling movie, which sort of explains why this episode is perhaps our most rambling and ramshackle to date. This movie just makes no damn sense, you guys. We talk obvious Mexican-American Jason Mamoa, crazed John Goodman, confusing plot lines, the film’s incredibly racist undertones, and the fascinating productions of Voltage Pictures.

Bruno Alert! We welcome internet friend (and Skinner’s former cohost) Kip Reed to help us discuss the first 10 minutes of this baffling Bruce Willis action comedy that is ostensibly about a why one should never mess with a man’s dog, yet no dog appears at all in the first 10 minutes. We also discuss the production company logos, whether or not John Goodman will voice a dog, and how many times Jason Mamoa will say “My man!”

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We’ve had an influx of new listeners recently so we’re spotlighting a weird podcast Josh and Skinner produced in 2017: Butterfly Kisses, the podcast where Josh and Brian talk about Crazy Town’s hit song Butterfly and break it down line by line. The show goes in weird places and we think some of you might enjoy it. Check it out wherever you get podcasts or listen to every episode at

Episodes featured in this sampler: Episode 4, Episode 7, and Episode 17.

In this mini episode, we reveal next week’s film, talk about the special guest who will join us, and wonder whether the aging action start at the film’s front will be grumpy or not (probably grumpy). We also ask the most important question of all: will the dog talk?

We attempted something ambitious — cover the 1982 Family Circus Easter animated special every day for the entirety of Lent — but it didn’t go as we planned. We ended up scraping the project entirely and never releasing anything – until now. This is a compilation of all the usable audio that remained after this marathon, 40-day recording cycle. It’s lucky we’re still alive.