On today’s episode, we continue talking about 1982’s Deadly Games. We predict there has never been a more thoughtful or thorough discussion of this film by any other podcast or media outlet. We discuss the killer’s motive and why his identity needed to be a secret (it didn’t!), and wonder just how many people are boning each other in this town. But before we get into the discussion, Adam Roche from Attaboy Clarence and The Secret History of Hollywood drops by to help us set expectations the film can’t possibly meet.

The first episode of our side project about the wild world of dog movies floating around Amazon Prime and Netflix is here! In this episode, we discuss Doggie B, a perplexing film about the world of competitive dog dancing. This film is capital-w Wacky, with characters who look related to those in Ron Howard’s traumatizing live-action Grinch movie. Also there are dog steroids, a car covered in markers, and a giant floating disco dog head. This movie has it all.

We’re back with our thoughts on the rest of Murder Weapon, a movie that is shockingly violent and shockingly inept in almost every way, but an absolute blast to watch (if you skip the interminable first 20 minutes). The kills are insane, the villain apparently has super strength, and the guys are dumb as rocks. This movie took our expectations and smashed them to smithereens with a sledge hammer. We are absolutely giddy with excitement over this thing. Enjoy!

In our first proper episode of Season 2, we wrestle with Murder Weapon, a seriously sleazy 1989 movie that is about… something? From these first 10 minutes, we’re actually not sure what it’s about. Maybe vampires? Split personalities perhaps? We make our predictions and prepare ourselves for what’s to come. The only way you’ll know for sure what we’ve gotten ourselves into is to come back on Thursday when we discuss the rest of the film in Part 2.


We’re back, baby! In our first mini episode of Season 2, we lay out what’s in store for the new season, including a slightly altered format, a new release schedule, and new bonus shows! Plus we reveal the film we’ll be talking about on next week’s full episode and discuss sentient weapons, whether the film might be a porno, and hobo librarians.

Hollywood Josh and Skinner are back to discuss this year’s Oscar nominees and predict the winners. But they’re doing things a little differently this time: each is making their own set of predictions! Whose prediction powers are stronger? Who do you support? Use #predictocastoscarspecial2018teamjosh on social media to support Hollywood Josh or use #predictocastoscarspecial2018teamskinner to support Skinner. And tune in to the 90th Annual Academy Awards this Sunday to see who got the most predictions correct (or just look up the winners on Monday morning).

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