Friend of the show and former guest Gena Radcliffe (of the excellent Kill By Kill podcast) suggested this movie to us on the strength (or was it weakness?) of John Travolta’s bizarre beard. What we got was a movie starring two former cinematic heavyweights (Travolta and Robert DeNiro) talking to each in between beating each other senseless. But it’s a movie not a without its joys, like the weird CGI de-aged Travolta and DeNiro and Travolta’s atrocious accent.


On this week’s episode, we find out if we actually do love a giant, goofy-looking turtle by discussing the 1998 family comedy Everyone Loves Mel (suggested by friend and former guest Christy Admiraal). This movie has so many things to love: a surly teen, a wily grandpa, a greedy land developer, a giant turtle that can… well, you’ll see. We critique Roger’s singing skills, Mom and Dad’s parenting skills, and Grandpa’s secret-keeping skills, as well as speculate about what other special abilities Mel might possess.


In this mini episode, former guest Christy Admiraal (@AdmiralChristy on twitter) returns to provide us a movie we’ll watch next week. Will it be something we’ll love (maybe, given its title), or something we’ll loathe?